A 18th Century walled garden

Proposed Landscape Plan

Proposed Landscape Plan

Hall Grove School

a wonderful species rich wild flower meadow at the school


An exciting project based in Surrey. A beautiful Georgian walled garden within the grounds of an elegant private school, Hall Grove, that has been cleared and is ready for full re-design and planting. New gravel footpaths have been laid as per the original Georgian design.

The garden needs to work as a multi functioning space to cater for school events. To achieve this the garden has been designed in to a series of smaller, more intimate spaces without compromising on the flow.

The garden will be developed over a period of years.

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Topiary Garden

Topiary Garden

Proposed topiary garden sketch

Large pieces of clipped topiary nestled in amongst a wildflower meadow, studded with bright bulbs, will provide an interesting sculptural element whilst anchoring the space. Water reflection pools will bring light into the garden and create a visual division between the orchard and the more open grassed entertaining area.

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Growing and education garden

Vegetable and Growing Garden

Proposed vegetable and growing garden sketch

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There is the opportunity to build an exceptional vegetable garden which will provide plenty of food and the chance to teach about propagation and growing. 500mm raised planters will be made of air dried oak which over time will turn a beautiful silver colour. The extra height will make weeding and working on the beds much easier.
Physical contact with microbes in the soil, Mycobacterium vaccae, has been scientifically proven to have a very positive effect on the levels of serotonin in the brain, improving mental and emotional wellbeing.

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