Ponte de Lima

International Garden Festival Competition

Winning Design Project

String sculptures

Ponte de Lima, Portugal’s oldest town is based in Northern Portugal. It is a stunning place nestled on the banks of the River Lima with an ancient Roman bridge. They hold an International Garden Design Festival.

Orange cellulosic ethanol, the by-product of citrus juice production – orange, lemon and lime peel and is used to make a sustainable liquid biofuel. The concept behind the Orange Fuel Grove garden is to provide a beautiful and sensory representation of this sustainable technology and aims to challenge the visitor into asking questions about the current state of energy production, the impact on our environment and the possibilities for new energy sources.

The project was designed and built by Flavia Goldsworthy and Reckless Orchard

Orange Trees

Full ripe oranges


Native species

Perspective REV A

Perspective section through the garden


Detailed section

The entrance to the garden invites the visitor through bold sculptural pieces made from steel rods and willow. Shaped, curved and covered with twine, they create a tunnel-like effect forming a shady, circular walkway like segments of fruit or even pipes and tubes. The sculptures open up to allow in additional light and views into the grove of orange trees.

Wildflower Planting

Wildflower planting


Ladies stringing

Garden Festival Plan- REV A small

Masterplan of the Orange Fuel Grove Garden

String sculpture
Welding workshop

Welding workshop

Contruction of Sculptures

Construction of sculptures

The landscape is reflected in the use of native wildflowers and grasses under the orange trees. These elements will attract birds and butterflies and enhance the message about our effect on the world’s wildlife and ecosystems.

Orange blossom

The heady scent of Orange blossom

Flavia Goldsworthy

Setting out

Meadow and Orange Trees

Wildflower meadow 
beneath Orange trees


Native species Foxgloves


Woven string sculpture


Visitors walking through the string sculptures

This innovative garden is a reflective and sensory space; an enclosed garden that one can sit in and become absorbed into the skin of the design.