Landscape Masterclass

Flavia has recently set up Landscape Masterclass, a series of events aimed at landscape professionals, created to further their knowledge 
of the sciences behind the planted environment, helping to inform their design choices for continued professional development.

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Professor Nigel Dunnett

This season we have the pleasure of inviting Professor Nigel Dunnett to deliver a full days workshop on low-input, high-impact sustainable planting design.
This event will be held on the 14th June 2019 at the University of Bristol Botanic Gardens.

For further information about this Masterclass, please see the Landscape Masterclass website.

Nigel Dunnett Sheffield 1750

Professor Nigel Dunnett

Trentham Woodland North American 30 2019 4793

Trentham Woodland Gardens

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The Barbican steppe planting scheme by Professor Nigel Dunnett

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Dr. Noel Kingsbury

Last summer we had a spectacular day at the University of Bristol Botanic Gardens with Dr. Noel Kingsbury studying the long term performance of perennial plantings. Part of this unique workshop is to go out in small groups, to study and really look at how plants grow.

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Deep in the Rudbeckia!

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Dr. Noel Kingsbury enlightening and entertaining the masterclass group

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Planting design team work

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Planting design exercises are crucial to understand how to put plants together effectively

Later in the year we will be hosting more specialist workshops including Dr. Noel Kingsbury in September.
If you would like to receive more information, please sign up to the mailing list visit the Landscape Masterclass website.

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An interesting border with a wonderful combination of texture and colour