Leather Bag

Flavia Goldsworthy makes elegant and practical hand stitched leather products ranging from the classic Tote, to the Man bag and laptop/ipad pouches.

Man bag with strap angled
Ladies Tote side
Man bag solid brass buckle detail
Man bag front

Flavia hand picks the finest leather hide to ensure that it is of the best quality and right for each project.

Choosing hides that have personality is really important for the finished article, ones with scars, bites and freeze marks show that it’s a real animal and that it had a life. We will try and incorporate these parts into the design where possible. A pattern is created, placed on to the hide and hand cut. Accuracy is imperative.

Ipad case

Hand stitched leather Ipad case

Ipad case with red notebook

Ipad case with 3 pockets, wool lining and solid brass button stud

These pieces are completely hand-stitched using the traditional leather methods which is much stronger than machine sewing. It incorporates two needles, an awl to punch each hole, waxed linen twine and a lot of time. 

If required, a 100% wool lining can be used. All of the hardware is solid brass to ensure longevity. These waxed leather pieces will only get better with time and use. 

Commissions taken.

Personalised Ipad

Personalised Ipad case and cow freeze mark

Front Ipad

3 pocket Ipad case with solid brass stud

Side detail Ipad

Side detail of hand stitched Ipad case

Ladies tote side edge
Man bag shadow