The Whistling Duck Cushion


The Whistling Duck Cushion is handmade and printed on 100% Linen fabric. It comes with 100% Wool back and piping, with a duck feather cushion insert. The cover is removable. It measures 20” x 20”.

feet detail

The Whistling Duck
feet detail

Sir Hans Sloane travelled to Jamaica in the 17th Century acting as the physician to the Duke of Albemarle, who was the newly appointed Governor of Jamaica. During this voyage Hans Sloane kept a meticulous journal citing all the incredible new flora and fauna, including his famous discovery of Cocoa. 

Unfortunately many of his findings couldn’t be preserved, so he enlisted the help of Reverend Garrett Moore to document them. These incredible drawings had a rather anthropomorphic quality to them. 

Voyage Poster
Laurifolia Arbor

Laurifolia Arbor -One of the many drawings of the specimens collected

The drawings were later illustrated with engravings by Michael van der Gucht and collated in to a book called Volume 2 of Sloane’s Natural History of Jamaica, published in 1725.

Sir Hans Sloanes collection was of such huge importance, the Royal Society elected him to become President to succeed Sir Isaac Newton. He left this incredible collection to the nation, which is now housed in the Natural History Museum.